Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Two Mercury Week + 50% Silver Rosies!

Things have gone well over the past two days. Last night I finished up a box of quarters. No silver quarters in there, but I did find several 2003D Arkansas quarters (I needed a specimen of that variety) and one Canadian quarter.

Afterwards I went through two boxes of pennies. In the boxes I found one US upgrade and a 1916S, my oldest Lincoln found roll hunting. I was getting a bit bummed about the lack of good Licoln penny finds so it was good to turn that one up.

Today I went to the bank to do a big coin dump. As it was Saturday morning, some others wanted to use the machine. I let them through. It proved advantageous. In the rejects of one couple (they had over $400 dollars worth) I found four Canadian quarters I needed and one silver Rosie I needed, 1948. With that Rosie I now have 50% of the silver Rosie varieties! My teller friend also saved me a 1961D dime.

After lunch I went through the coins I picked up, four boxes of dimes and one box of nickels.

In the four boxes of dimes I found just two Canadians (man, these have been rare the last few days) and seven silver dimes (1945D, 1947, 1959D, 1960D, 1962D, 1964, 1964D). The 1945D was my second Mercury dime of the week. I also saw this one in the box at the bank - just like the last one two days ago! I now have 26 of the 48 silver Rosie varieties.

In the box of nickels I found a very nice 1936 Buffalo and a very worn 1943P War Time nickel.

Found: 5 pennies (4 at Burger King, 1 at the Sovereign Bank)

Redeemed: $4.45