Friday, June 15, 2007

A Quick Three

Last night after some house shopping I quickly went through two boxes of halves. They were both low on silver. In the first box I only found two silver halves (1964 and 1968D) and in the second box I found none. In the two boxes I did find five proofs and non-circulation coins, however (1982S, 2003P, 2003D, 2004D, and 2006P). With those I filled three holes in my album. That's a big number these days!

This morning I worked my way through a box of pennies. I found only one US upgrade and my first one cent piece from Bermuda. The remaining pennies I need seem a bit scarce in the northeast.

Found: 7 pennies (1 at the Mobil, 2 at Shaw's, 1 at the Realtor, 3 at McDonald's), 3 dimes (1 at the Mobil, 1 at Shaw's, 1 at the Realtor)