Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Buffaloes!

Last night was a decent night. I first went through a box of quarters (I usually order my searches by highest to lowest denomination.). In the box I found no silver quarters, but did find a lot of Canadian quarters, two of which I needed (2002P Jubilee, 1972), and an upgrade for my Missisippi 2003D specimen.

After supper I went through two boxes of dimes. I only found one Canadian dime and one silver Rosie, 1950. The silver Rosie was one I needed, however, so I was satisfied. Twenty-six to go!

This morning I continued with two boxes of nickels. In the boxes I found two War Time nickels (1944P and 1945P), two nice Buffaloes (1935D and 1936) - in one box too, eleven Canadians, one Singapore 20 cent piece and one key date I needed, 1949S. I was pretty excited about that key date find. I now need just 6 more Jefferson specimens, two being key dates, 1938D and 1939S, the rest are War Time nickels.

Recently I also finished reading The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Washington and State Quarters Dollars. It wasn't as interesting as the Buffalo/Jefferson Nickel book that was in the same series. I think I'll look into getting two more Whitman books one on Indian Pennies and another on Paper Money at some point. I'd like to find a good book describing the history of each of the coins I'm aiming to collect. Knowing more has made coin collecting more fun.

Found: 18 pennies (3 at Shaw's), 1 dime (at the Sovereign Bank)