Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Free Silver

Yesterday I managed to get some free silver. I saw online that if you went to a White's Metal Detector distributor and got a demo of their Prizm series you'd get a free silver dime. On my way home I went to White's Metal Detectors of New England and got a nice 1944 dime. (I'm having a tough time removing the adhesive on the back though.)

I also found two silver coins in last night's coin boxes. A box of dimes produced one nice 1960D that will replace the tarnished specimen I had in my album. My box of nickels produced another P War nickel (1943P). And out of two boxes of pennies I found 32 wheats. Sadly, I found no new specimens. I think this might get more common.

(The quarter in the picture is the one my teller saved for me.)

A friend asked me yesterday how much I had found coin roll hunting. That got me thinking about the excess silver coins I have now and how much their worth. According to coinflation I have 6.4318 excess troy ounces worth $87.73. This stockpile consists of 13 War nickels, 12 silver dimes, 6 90% silver halves, and 18 40% silver halves. At some point I might trade this all in for coins that I haven't been able to find in rolls.


Anonymous said...

Nice finds.