Sunday, June 3, 2007

Local Bank Run

Yesterday, Saturday morning, I did a local bank run. I hit five banks in the center of my town. In total I got 26 Ike dollars, 43 Sacagawea dollars, 10 Susan B. dollars, 11 half dollars, a box of dimes, a box of nickels and two boxes of pennies.

I was pretty excited to find 26 large dollars in one spot. Strangely, however, all were of four date/mints only (1971, 1972, 1972D, 1974). In them I found three specimen upgrades. The search will continue for them. Most tellers say, "we never see those anymore," but five banks have had them so far, so there's a pretty good chance the other date/mints will show up.

The Sacagawea dollars, Susan B. dollars and half dollars were all skunks.

Things turned around with the box of dimes. I only found one silver Rosie in it, but it sure was a good one, a 1950S. Very worn, but it was one I wasn't so sure I'd find in circulation here in the northeast. A 1971 Canadian dime I needed was also within the box.

In the box of Nickels the coolest thing was a 1 franc coin from Luxembourg. There can't be too many of those in U.S. circulation! I also found one War nickel (1943P) that was in great shape.

The two boxes of pennies were good as well. Combined they had 36 wheat pennies, 47 Canadian pennies and one Bahama cent. One of the penny boxes was full of 1930's pennies (3 x 1936, 4 x 1937, 3 x 1939). My albums got three new editions from those two boxes, 1935S, 1939, and a 1944S.

Later in the day my wife and I stopped at an antique barn that I knew had some coins for sale. They had a large of container of common date wheat pennies for 10 cents each. It sure was tempting, but something told me it was cheating and I didn't need to go that route just yet.

Found: 2 pennies (1 at McDonald's, 1 on the sidewalk near my sister's place), 1 nickel (near a newspaper machine on my bank run)