Friday, June 29, 2007

Luck Returns

Thursday is my second big coin pickup day of the week and so last night I had a lot of boxes to choose from.

I first went through four boxes of dimes. I was very excited to check these out because as I was loading the boxes onto my cart at the bank I noticed one had a Mercury in it (1944D). In the boxes I found six more silver dimes (1950S, 1952D, 1961D, 1963D, 2 x 1964D) and one UK five pence piece. Two of the silver Rosies were upgrades. According to my statistics, finding no Canadian dimes in four boxes is quite an anomoly. I was a bit bummed that no new specimens were in the mix, but with the Mercury in the mix there wasn't much complaining that could be done!

(One of the 1952D dimes in the picture is the one I got yesterday morning at the bank.)

This morning I went through two boxes of nickels. In the first box there were three War Time nickels (1942S, 2 x 1943P), seven Canadians, and a 1939S! The 1942S and 1939S were both specimens I needed. I thought my luck would end there, but it didn't. In the second box I found one War Time nickel (1945D) and nine Canadians. Another silver nickel I needed! Now I have just three more nickels to go before my Jefferson set is complete. It was a good morning.

Found: 2 pennies (1 at Papa Gino's, 1 at Shaw's), 2 dimes (both at Shaw's)


Bailey said...

Congrats on the dimes, some solid finds.

I just went through my first box of pennies. I'm looking for wheats. I found 9 wheats and 3 Canadian in my first box.

kestrelia said...

Glad to see your taking the plunge. As you can tell I've found it to be much fun, plus besides the gas and the cost of the albums it is almost without cost.