Thursday, June 28, 2007


Last night and this morning I went through three boxes worth of coins (a slow night).

In the first batch of nickels I found three Canadians and one War Time nickel (1943P). Five of the rolls had most likely been submerged from some time. Most of the nickels in the rolls were corroded red and encased in a bright green powder. It was pretty gross. I thought I'd find a War Time nickel in that mess, but alas. I next went through a box of nickels. In the box I found seven Canadians, another War Time nickel (1943P, again), a Bermuda five cent, and dateless Buffalo. In the 4,000 nickels I found one upgrade for my albums.

This morning I crossed my fingers and went through a box of quarters. I didn't find anything, sadly. A total skunk.

Things picked up later at my dump bank, however. My teller friend found me two coins, a 1941 Wheat penny (got tons of these, but the sentiment is appreciated) and a 1952D silver Rosie. That second one's a keeper!

Found: 3 pennies (at Sovereign Bank)


Chris said...

Bummer about your so-so boxes and you not having a 2003 for me.

The book that I have only goes through 2003, so I can't say that I have found all the post 2002 coins, only the ones that I need.

I have found no 2004 pieces, but I do have a complete set for 2005-2007, so if I ever find a new book I should be in good shape.

Keep your eyes open for me and it would be greatly appreciated. I'm glad to hear that I at least have more Franklins in my batches than you do. I have found a total of 15 of them, nine of which are unique dates/mint marks.

kestrelia said...

Wow, I'm jealous about those Franklins! Based on the forum at I thought some of those would turn up by now and I'd be able to work on a book. Someday, I guess.