Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Three Indian Head Week

Well, this weekend ended in a good surprise. On Friday night I went through four boxes of coins (or boxes worth, some were hand rolled). I first went through a box of dimes and found one Canadian I needed, 2005P, and a silver Rosie 1961D. I didn't need the Rosie, but at least the box wasn't a skunk. Next I went through the nickels. In 2,000 nickels I found 3 War Time nickels (1942P, 1943S, 1944P) and a Canadian, 1974, I needed. I needed the 1943S for my album, so I was feeling pretty good. Just seven more nickels to go! My luck continued with the two boxes of pennies I slammed through. In one of the first rolls I found my third Indian Head of the week, a nice 1895 (worn, but not corroded, a definite for my forthcoming Indian Head album). I also found a few upgrades, no new Wheat varieties - which was atypical.

(Copper coins don't scan too well ... it is better than it looks in this picture.)


Chris said...

Nice job on the Indian Head cent. I haven't found any of them yet.

My nickels are coming along nice, but not as nice as yours. I still have 14 to go.

As for your wheat pennies I am totally amazed. Quick math shows that you find one in approx. every 173 pennies that you search. I find about one per 250 searched, or about five a box. That stinks!

kestrelia said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the Wheat differences has to do with the far greater population in the northeast during the first half of the 20th century?

I'm guessing you find way more D's and S's amongst your wheats? I find one of those about 1 in 12 wheats found.

You've got me on the Liberty Nickel ... still looking for one of those. :)

Chris said...

Actually my math was bad last night. I actually find one penny per every 500 searched!

Your wheat penny theory is the only one that I can come up with as well. I do find a ton of D mint marks, but not as many S marks. Still, I would say that I probably find more than you.

On the nickels almost all the ones that I still need are S, but that makes sense since they were the ones that were minted in the smallest quantity.

kestrelia said...

Wow, I can't get over how low those Wheat numbers are. You'll have to start picking up boxes elsewhere when you travel.

Have you found any Buffalo nickels? I can't get over how many there seem to be up here.