Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rarest Jefferson Nickel Found!

After some slowness in the coin roll hunt, I had my biggest find yet last night when I found a 1950D nickel! It's the rarest Jefferson nickel as only 2.6 million were minted. It's in pretty good shape too, better than most of my 1950's specimens. I now have 10/11 more nickels left to find (still looking for nice 1940D).

The box of nickels was a bit odd in that there were no Canadian nickels. I also found one specimen upgrade and a rusty 1929 Buffalo nickel, my fifth.

In a box of pennies I searched I found 31 wheats and 28 Canadians. There were no new specimens, but there were two wheat upgrades and four Canadian upgrades.

To top it all off a bank teller saved six Ikes for me. No new dates, but perhaps there's a specimen upgrade in them.

Found: 1 penny (at McDonald's)