Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy Hand Grenades!

My luck continued last night while searching a box of dimes. In the box I found a 1957 Rosie, a 1955 Rosie (the rarest Roosevelt dime, only 12.4 million were minted), and my first Mercury dime, a 1943S! The Mecury looked beautiful. Out of 48 silver Rosie varities I have now found 20.

I also went through two boxes of nickels. I found one War Time nickel (1943P) and a 1996 Canadian nickel that I didn't have. Strangely, however, the two boxes did turn up the same key date as this weekend, another 1951S, and several 1940D's.

Last night my wife reminded me about a 20/20 show I mostly slept through (it was past 9:30pm!). It was on last Friday and was about luck. Here's a good quote:

Wiseman explained that another essential trait of the lucky was that they were always prepared. "They were the ones that put a huge amount of effort, so that when that break came along, they were there."

As part of a BBC documentary on his study, Wiseman conducted hidden-camera experiments with self-described lucky and unlucky volunteers. In one trial, he planted money on the street to see who would pick it up. The lucky people tended to notice the money more than the unlucky people.

He said, "The lucky people are very open to these unexpected opportunities. They're a bit more laid-back. They're seeing the bigger picture."

You can read the rest of the piece about creating your own luck here.

Found: 2 pennies (1 at Shaw's, 1 at Panera Bread), 1 quarter (at Panera Bread), 1 foreign coin (a one cent piece from Trinidad and Tobago that I found at Shaw's)