Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Foreign Find

Today I found a cool foreign coin. Killing time on the way to work I stopped at an Exxon station. In the parking lot by the pay phone I found an old coin. At first I thought it was a worn quarter, but on closer inspection I noticed it was something else. Turns out it is a 1937 Dominican Republic 5 Centavos coin. My second oldest find of the year!

Here's a picture of what a similar coin looks like in much better condition.

Yesterday was a day for some good deals. At Costco I got shredded cheese at less than half the price I usually get it for at the supermarket. My wife and I also found a lot of good stuff at the GAP Outlet near us. The first Tuesday of the month always gets us an additional 10% off if we use our GAP card. Last night though we also got double rewards points. Good deal, I say.

I also heard this great eco-cheap piece on NPR yesterday about a guy who is into hypermiling (the act of trying to get outrageous MPG through all means). He reminded me of myself a bit. I don't think I'll his methods, but for the past year I have been trying to drive the speed limit and to be less aggressive. It's probably one of the tougher things I've been trying to do.

Found: 12 pennies (3 at Costco, 7 at Burger King, 2 near the pay phone at the Exxon), 2 dimes (1 at the Mobil Mart, 1 at the Exxon), 1 foreign coin