Friday, May 11, 2007

Albums, Totals and Dollar Coins

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. When I got home I was happy to see that my coin albums came. They're very nice. I got them from Mark Johnson Coins. I'm not sure I'd recommend the place as one of the items was wrong. I'll look into their return policy.

Last night while sorting coins I found my first silver dime (1953) amongst a bunch of coin rolls. That was definitely some encouragement to continue my efforts.

I also heard a interesting dollar coin story yesterday. A friend of mine, let's call him Dcurse, used a twenty to buy a few subway tokens. He got a big bunch of Presidential Dollars back thus making him feel negative about the coin. I was sorry to hear it and tried to convince him that it wasn't the coin's fault - he'd be angry at receiving a ton of quarters in change too. I applaud the transit system's effort to use this coin, but not dispensing bills with the coins for change is a bad idea!

Today I surpassed last year's coin finding totals for all types of found money except fives (it is probably not likely I'll find two of them in one year, but who knows I did find two in 2004).

Found: 2 pennies (1 at the cafe at work, 1 at the Exxon)


Bailey said...

Speaking of Dollar coins, check out my blog, as I finally found one!

Chris said...

Sorry to take a few days to get back with you re. the Silver Certificate question. I never did find any sorting through the dollars (and I would guess that I went through about $50,000 in a few months). However, different branches of my bank, where I would trade searched dollars for unsearched stacks, started to set aside old bills for me. All told I got a few Silver Certificates and about three or found red seal $2 bills. I didn't find them myself, but they gave them to me since they knew I was looking.

Just FYI, you now have me hooked (much to the dismay of my local bank) on coin searching now. I currently have $75 in pennies that I'm going through. So far about $27 down and 14 Wheat Pennies to show for it. I'm ordering my own coin books tomorrow!

kestrelia said...


Very cool about the certificates and the albums. I won't mind finding some old dollars. Sounds like one would have to go through a tremendous amount of them to find one though. Let me know how the albums and coin roll hunting work out.

Chrys said...

I found my presidential dollar coin in a car park vending machine, I didn't mind as I collect them and I think they are cool and more useful than the dollar bill! I've read somewhere through research that the mint cannot discontinue the dollar bill circulation unless the government itself pass a bill or something like that to cease it's existence. So there you go!