Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back on Track

Things have picked up slightly in The Great Coin Roll Hunt. Yesterday I picked up three boxes at the bank, one of halves, one of quarters and one of dimes.

I started with the box of dimes. In the box I found two silver dimes (1959D and 1964D). One of which I needed. So far I have 17 different silver Roosevelt dimes. I have 31 remaining to find.

The box of halves wasn't as good as the first box in that I only found 1 40% silver coin (1969D). Since this is only my second box my coin album had a lot of holes to fill. I found 9 halves that I needed. I only have three more to go to complete my Kennedy half dollar circulation set (not counting 1970D, 1987P and 1987D which were only sold in special mint sets) - I'm still looking for 1964D, 1982D and 1999D. My 1994D is in pretty bad shape so I'll look out for another of that one too. Hopefully my third box will come in tomorrow.

Lastly I spent some time with the quarters. I have separated them out by decade, but that's it so far. There's a good chance I'll complete both of my quarter albums with this box. (I'm not counting the pre-1965 silver quarters as I think the chances of my finding one of these in the coin rolls is remote.)

Found: 14 pennies, 1 dime, 1 quarter