Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Feeling Lucky

Today I had a great bank experience. At lunch I went to the bank to dump a whole bunch of waste coins. Things started out well when I found a nickel right by my car.

About 15 minutes later when I was midway through my waste coins a lady came to use the Coin Star machine. I finished the box I was on and let her use the machine. While waiting I found two pennies and 1 Canadian quarter. Once she was done I asked to buy her reject coins. In her rejects I found 2 silver dimes (1957 and 1961), 4 Canadian quarters and 6 Canadian dimes. I then finished with my coins.

As I left the bank I noticed that another person left a whole bunch of coins in the shute. In the shute I found 3 pennies, 10 dimes and one quarter!

Found: 5 pennies (2 near Coin Star machine at Sovereign Bank, 3 in the Coin Star shute at Sovereign Bank), 1 nickel (outside of Sovereign Bank), 10 dimes (all in the Coin Star shute at Sovereign Bank), 1 quarter (in the Coin Star shute at Sovereign Bank) and 1 foreign coin (near the Coin Star machine at Sovereign Bank)


Unknown said...

When you say "Coin Star", are you using that generically for a coin-sorting machine or are you really using the machine that charges the "convenience fee"?

kestrelia said...

Hey. Good question. No, a cheapo like me would never pay 8.9 cents on the dollar for such a service. ;) My bank has a Coin Star machine at its branch office that is free for anyone with an account.