Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Indian Head

Today while searching through a box of pennies I found a 1904 Indian Head. My search through a box of nickels produced a Cayman Islands 10 cent piece ... very strange.

This weekend I read through my free Popular Mechanics. There were some interesting facts in it. In an article on home energy use was this good quote:

At one time, America's home energy picture was enviable. In the late 1970s and early '80s, consumption plummeted by one-third as homeowners took steps such as adding insulation and caulking around windows. Yet homes built since the early 1990s take more energy to heat than older homes. Why? Because the average size of a new house has climbed steeply, from about 1500 sq. ft. to nearly 2500 sq. ft.

It also ironically spread a myth in an article entitled "10 HDTV Myths." While dispelling the myth that HDTV content can only begotten through cable or a satellite system and not over the air (a falsehood perpetuated by numerous big box saleskids) PM stated, "You can receive them with the tuner in your HDTV set or an external DTV set-top receiver, but you need an external HD antenna." That's misleading, any old UHF antenna will do, there's no need to imply that a special antenna is needed.

Found: 1 nickel (in hallway at work)