Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Same Bank ... Same Luck

Well, yesterday I went back the bank where I got one great box of dimes. I got one more. I asked for 3, but they would only give me one. In the box I found 6 silver dimes (46, 49D, 2 x 57, 64)! Although my luck was just as good as the previous night I don't think the boxes were related as the inspection dates on the two boxes were more than a month apart. In another box from a different bank I found 2 silver dimes (49, 64). I also found one war nickel and several nickels and pennies I needed.

While cashing in a bunch of coins I found a quarter from Bermuda.

Found: 1 penny (on the street near our apartment), 1 quarter (near vending machine at work), 1 foreign coin (Sovereign Bank)