Monday, May 28, 2007

Right in Front of Me

Today I had one of my easiest finds ever. A half hour ago my wife and I went for a walk. Just outside the door to our building, at the bottom of our steps was a crumpled one dollar bill!

The bill find fits the day. Just before I discovered a Kennedy half dollar that I didn't think I had. For some reason it occurred to me to look on the back of my 1964 halves for a D mint mark (I had been looking on the front where the mint marks are for 1968 and onwards.). I found two 1964Ds, one in decent shape. I'm not sure how I wasn't aware of the mint mark location for that year. Now I only have 3 more halves to go before my circulation set is complete, 1982D, 1988D, and 1999D.

Today I also decided to look for the different date sizes for my Lincoln Memorial pennies. I had been thinking I'd just ignore those places in my albums, but I couldn't let it go anymore. I went through 5,000 pennies I had at hand. Now, I only need a small date 1970S and a large date 1982D zinc.

Found: 1 dollar bill (outside our apartment)


Chris said...

Congratulations on the paper money. That's always a nice find.

The mint marks can really get confusing, especially on nickels where they can be on the front, back top, or back side, depending on the year.

It really is amazing about different coin finds in different areas of the country. I'm working on all the coin collections now. I have gone through no more than $160 in half dollars and I have all of the halfs that you are missing.

I would offer to keep my eyes open for your missing coins, but somehow I think that you are intent on finding them on your own. However, if that isn't the case let me know.

kestrelia said...

Chris, you're right. Just want to see how long it'll take me in this part of the country. (Collecting all of the silver Roosevelt dimes might be extremely tough, though.)

Let me know if I can help you out any!

Chris said...

Besides some of the really old pennies (1909-1940) the silver dimes are going to be the toughest. I have searched about $500 worth and only found one! I have about eight or nine that I have found while searching for change, but I can't decide if I should add them to my book or attempt to find them again on my own. Tough decisions, but at the pace I'm going I apparently have a lot of time to decide.

kestrelia said...

Keep plugging! :) I've gotten about 3 silver dimes per 5,000 searched so you should do better with a few more boxes. I'd definitely recommend putting your found dimes into your albums, I've put ones I've "bought" off people at the Coin Star in there.

Chris, what are your other find percentages? Do they match mine?