Sunday, May 27, 2007

Good Halves

Today after we got home I looked over all the halves I got on Saturday. I didn't bring my albums with me on my trip so I didn't know exactly what I had in my collection. I found two additional keepers, a 1994D that is in much better condition than my previous specimen and a 2003D. After 2001 halves have been minted only for collectors and not for general circulation. Anything 2002 and later is a keeper.

Just a few minutes ago I tried to unload a bucket of halves at my grocery store. I figured that their self-service aisle would be a good place to get rid of some of them. I had no luck, though because the machine just spit them back out. Very strange.

Found: 18 pennies (3 at Shaw's), 1 nickel, 10 dimes (2 at Shaw's), 2 quarters


Bailey said...

Funny that you can't unload the halfs. It's funny how we have some coins that are currency in this country, yet are almost impossible to use!