Monday, May 14, 2007

Double Luck

In addition to being a great weekend seeing houses and spending time with my family, this weekend was an especially good weekend for my hobbies.

I found a huge number of foreign coins this weekend. Most coming from a fistfull of coins I found in the Coin Star machine return slot at my Shaw's. The haul included a 1 Jamaican $5 coin (only worth 7 cents or so), a 1 pence UK coin, a 1p Irish coin, a 10 pence UK coin, a Canadian penny and a Canadian dime. I also found two game tokens. One is for Connecticut Golf Land in Vernon and the other is for NAMCO of London.

I also had tremendous success coin roll hunting. In three boxes of nickels I found 3 War Time nickels (2 x 1943P, 1 1945P) and filled some holes in my albums with some rare dates. In two boxes of dimes I found 5 silver Rosies (1960, 1961, 1962, 2 x 1964D)! One box had four and in that box one roll had two! Most of them look fantastic. One is almost like a brand new coin.

(The rightmost dime in the picture is the one I found last Thursday.)

Let's hope the luck continues. I need to slow down a bit though, as the time this has taken has been a bit crazy. I get very obsessed, as you can guess, when I first get into something.

Found: 20 pennies (1 at Bank of America, 13 at Shaw's, 1 on the street near our apartment, 1 at Klem's, 1 at the Exxon, 3 at Rapid Refill), 1 dime (1 at Klem's), 1 quarter (1 at Klem's), 6 foreign coins(all at Shaw's), 2 gaming tokens (both at Shaw's)