Friday, May 4, 2007


Well, it had to happen sometime ... my Mobil Mart raised the price on it's 32 ounce soda from 62 cents to 99 cents. Bummer. I think the cost of my other favorite treat, a big 500 calorie, packaged "pie" has gone up too.

After twenty years I've decided to get back into coin collecting. My current goal is to get the best specimens I can of all the coin types in circulation for all years and mint marks without spending more than face value to obtain the coins. To this end I ordered some nice Dansco coin albums online and got $170 worth of coins from the bank ($100 in dimes, $60 in nickels and $20 in pennies). I'll return those I don't need. I'm a about half way through sorting them all. So far I've found one 1919 Buffalo nickel in the batch and 12 Canadian nickels. Haven't gotten to the pennies, yet. Anyone have any dimes or quarters pre-1965 they want to donate? I'll pay for the stamp.

Found: 4 pennies (Mobil Mart), 1 dime (Burger King)


Bailey said...

During this Change Race, Chris has gotten me into collecting steel dimes.

kestrelia said...

Do you mean steel pennies? I'm not familar wih steel dimes.

Bailey said...

Before around 1965 there was 90% steel content in all dimes. You can tell because the edge is all silver colored, unlike the dimes of today that have some copper in them.

Check my old posts, as I have some pictures of them.

kestrelia said...

Bailey I checked around - you're in luck - instead of steel it was silver .

I'll keep looking. If I can find coins at your rate it shouldn't be too long.

nhcardhunter said...

A silver coin is pretty easy to pick out. It has a different sound when you drop it on a counter. Many years ago when I worked at a variety store I'd pick them up pretty regularly, along with the old war nickels and countless wheat pennies.