Friday, May 25, 2007

Strong Finish

Well, looks like I'm going to finish out the first half of the year strong. Yesterday I found only 3 pennies, 2 at the Mobil Mart and 1 at Burger King. Today things were better though. At the Shell I found a quarter in the pay phone and a penny by the vacuums (I never seem to make out like Bailey near those things.). Then at the Shaw's on an errand I found 3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 penny, 1 T token (worth $1.70), and 1 Canadian nickel. And finally at the Mobil Mart I found 1 beat up penny.

Last night's coin roll hunting went pretty well. The night before I went through 3 boxes, 1 of pennies, 1 of nickels and 1 of dimes. In the boxes I found 1 wheat penny I didn't have and few Canadian coins I needed. It was a disappointing search. Last night though I tried the same number of boxes and found 1 silver dime (1960D, one I needed), 1 dateless Buffalo nickel, 1 War Time nickel (1943P, I've found a bunch of these but haven't found and D's or S's, the ones I need), and 1 needed wheat penny. Pretty slim pickings, but still better than the night before.

At the bank yesterday I also got a roll of the new John Adams dollar coins. So far I've kept one, used several in a vending machine with no problems, and one at the Mobil Mart with no questions. I'm not sure if there are sites devoted to grass roots dollar coin efforts, but I did find two regarding the $2 bill.

$2 Bill Project

Two Dollar Bills

I also found a site dedicated to listing free or cheap coin counting options. It is called The Coin Counting Home Page and is pretty useful.

This morning I got another year of Popular Mechanics through My Coke Rewards.

Found: 6 pennies (3 at the Mobil Mart, 1 at Burger King, 1 at the Shell, 1 at Shaw's), 1 dime (1 at Shaw's), 4 quarters (1 at the Shell, 3 at Shaw's), and 1 foreign coin (at Shaw's)