Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Coin Finding Partner!

Yesterday, my wife joined me in the coin finding pursuit and contributed a nickel to the stash. It was sweet. Four eyes are better than two!

I had some pretty good luck at the bank yesterday. In the morning when picking up boxes I got a hold of another Ike dollar that I needed (1972). Just a few more to go and that album will be complete before it arrives at our home!

In the evening I searched 1 box of dimes, 1 box of nickels and 1 box of pennies. The dimes only produced one silver Rosie (1964), the nickels and the pennies were pretty good though. In the nickel box I found one of the remaining two common dates I needed (dates which are not key and not War Time). It's my most chewed up specimen, however. It is maroon colored and looks like it spent some time on the road being driving over. I also found another War Time nickel (1943P). It's odd that in all of the nickels I've searched I've found quite a few silver nickels, but all of them have been P's. Those D's and S's are bound to turn up soon. I did even better with the penny box. I found tons of Canadians, including two years I didn't have. I now have all Canadian pennies from 1959-2004. The box also produced my first 2007D (a really shiny one), a somewhat corroded 1982D large date zinc (I'll look for a better one.), and a few wheat upgrades.

Found: 4 pennies (1 near Shaw's, 1 at the Sovereign Bank, 1 at the Liquor Store, 1 at the Mobil Mart), 1 nickel (M's first find for the year), 2 dimes (1 near Shaw's, 1 at the Sovereign Bank)

Redeemed: $5.40


Bailey said...

That's awesome that your wife made a find for you.

Now if you have some kids (Like Brian) you could get six eyes looking for you!

Chris said...

I wish I was doing a better job of keeping track of my percentages. It's something that I'll start in the future. I know that on the pennies I find an average of five wheats per $25 worth of pennies, with a low of 3 and a high of 13. On the dimes I'm only looking for silver at this point, so if they come in a plastic seal and I don't see silver I don't even open them. For the nickels I usually find two or three that I need per box of $100, but that number is sure to drop as I find more and more and need less and less.