Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Night Alone

Last night I had a night to myself. Meg and Henry went west to my in-laws. It sounds like things went well out there besides the biggest poo-plosion yet, according to Meg. At home things were quiet, a little dull.

I searched some nickels. 3,600 of them yielded just six Canadians. A little disappointing, but so be it!

Yesterday at work I finished listening to When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris. I'm a big David Sedaris fan. I've seen him read twice and have listened to most everything he's recorded. When I first got this book I was excited that none of his recent fairy tale-like animal stories were on it. Those are just plain dumb. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by this collection. The work is very disjointed. Only a few of the pieces are truly funny and most seem tired. The worst part of the book is certainly the piece in which Sedaris discusses some animal sex magazine his sister supposedly had. It's a live piece. While he's reading it you can hear the audience nervously laugh over the shock. Sedaris is better than that, isn't he? His previous material was witty and tight. This book makes me wonder if Sedaris is now washed up. Bummer.

Found: 1 penny (at work)


sassymom said...

Even though it's mediocre, can your sister still borrow it?

kestrelia said...

Sure. There's two or three stories that are good. Dress Your Family In Cordoroy is better, if you haven't heard that one yet. Just in no way would you want to listen to it with E in the car. There would be many uncomfortable questions to answer!