Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back Home

Yesterday afternoon Meg and Henry returned home from their trip to my in-laws. They were only gone for a night and were only 2 hours away, but it felt longer and farther. I've learned that being a parent makes one a bit irrational. When they left I couldn't help but tell Meg to be safe on the highway. I was nervous for them. I'm not normally that way, but I was then. I told my sister about it and she mentioned still feeling the same way at times even though her oldest son is now about four. I think I'll be a bit more understanding when my mother says "be careful" to me, her 33 year old son, or when my father says, "don't say that, now", to the same person.

Found: 7 pennies (all at the car wash), 1 nickel (at the car wash), 1 dime (at the car wash), 5 quarters (at the car wash)


Coin Collecting said...

I do the same thing when my wife and our 3 month old visit her parents without me... and they are only 15 minutes away!