Friday, August 31, 2007

200,000+ Dimes Searched

Last night I got back to my normal CRH'ing routine. We also got a chance to relax at home and enjoy some of our farm share produce. Both were great.

I first went through a small lot of hand rolled coin I got yesterday. I searched 200 quarters, 450 dimes, 360 nickels, and 900 pennies. I found one Canadian nickel, one UK 20 pence, seven Wheats and eight Canadians. No new varieties were in the mix.

I also went through six boxes of dimes. The first two were solid 2007P's and so I didn't bother to even open them. The next four were quite lousy. In one of the boxes I found two silver Rosies (1952D, 1958D). Otherwise they were skunks. And so I passed the 200,000 dime mark with a bit of a whimper. Oh well, better luck next week.

This morning I began working on the boxes of pennies. I managed to finish one box. In it were ten Wheats, eighteen Canadians, and one US dime (finding these in boxes of pennies has been a pretty rare event).


Chris said...

Sorry that I have been out of pocket for the past few weeks, but I'm all updated AND am down to only FOUR nickels needed to complete my set!