Monday, August 13, 2007

Green Weekend

This weekend I did some more coin hunting. There was some work to be done to finish up the big batch I got on Thursday.

I searched 6,120 nickels (2 boxes and some hand rolled) and found three War Time nickels (2 x 1943P, 1945S), twenty-four Canadians, two Aruba 25¢ (worth 14 cents each), one Eire 10 pence piece, and one Swiss 20 Rappen. (Chris, in that mix was 71 pre-1959 nickels.) No new varieties were found. The search for those last three Jefferson nickels goes on.

I also searched 9,900 pennies (2 boxes and a big bag of hand rolled). In that bunch I found forty-four Wheats, 444 Canadians, one dime and one mint clipped penny. I found three varieties I needed in all of that, a 1953S, a 1944 Canadian and a 1958 Canadian. That sure was a lot of Canadians. Someone must have cashed in a ton at some US bank!

While cashing in the waste coins at my bank I ran into the Coin Star guy. I saw a slip that said the machine had over $12,000 in it. In that there were only two halves! From the two tellers at the bank I got twenty-two loose halves and two Eisenhower dollars. One of the dollars was spotted and scratched. It was one I needed though, a 1976D Type II, now I need just three more to complete my album!

This weekend was pretty green too. We got a gas lawn mower which I used on Sunday. I feel bad, but I had to do it, I don't think a push mower would have done it and I think a corded one would be dangerous for me. I'm quite a klutz. We did, however, use our compost pile for all of our clippings and air dry two loads of laundry. I think the neighborhood birds might be snacking on our compost, but I don't mind. It's still being recycled!

Found: 10 pennies (2 in Holden Center, 1 at Friendly's, 1 at TJ Maxx, 1 at Bank of America, 4 at the Car Wash, 1 at Price Chopper), 1 nickel (at the Car Wash), 2 dimes (1 in Waltham Center, 1 at the Car Wash), 2 foreign coins (both Canadian pennies, 1 at the GAP, 1 at the Car Wash)