Friday, August 3, 2007

3 Merc Night!

Last night was a good night in roll hunting. I got my usual Thursday allotment and went through half of it.

The two boxes of quarters I got were terrible. In them I only found one Canadian and unfortunately it wasn't one I needed.

The four boxes of dimes I got, however, were very good. In them I found six silver Rosies (1954, 1959, 1960, 2 x 1964, 1964D), three Mercs (1936D, 1942, 1945), one silver Canadian (1943), eleven other Canadians, a Panamanian 10 Centesimo, and a Columbian 10 Centavos. In the boxes I found four varieties I needed, one Rosie, two Mercs and one Canadian! I even broke two records. The most Mercs I have found in one box is now two and the oldest dime I've found is now 1936D. I have now completed a roll of extra silver dimes (worth $40-50) and have only twelve varieties left to find!

(These aren't my scans, but they are same type of coins as the ones I found.)

This morning I went through a crazy box of pennies. In it was twenty-seven Wheats and 167 Canadians. No new Wheat varieties, but I did find two Canadians I needed, 2002P and 2003P No Crown.

I've also been looking into two big purchases for our house that have some green implications, a clothes dryer and a lawn mower. I visited the Energy Star website on Wednesday to see if they approved any clothes dryers and found this odd statement. It seems Energy Star doesn't rank dryers. They do recommend looking for one with a moisture sensor so you don't waste energy drying dry clothes. I'll definitely look for that.

I also looked into the different types of lawn mowers and how good they are for the environment. It seems gas mowers are terrible for the environment (no surprise), electric mowers are a much better, and push mowers are as good as it gets for the environment. Right now I'm thinking about a push mower. I think if I bought an electric mower it'd only be a matter of time before I ran over the cord. (I've run over my vacuum cord countless times.)


Chris said...

I would mention that I hate you because of all the Wheat Pennies, but you already know that.

My lack of wheats is getting old very fast. However, you can help me solve a question that I have posed to myself.

I am wondering if my lack of wheats is because I live in a newer area vs. Boston, or if people in this area just pull wheats more often than they do there.

I think I have a semi-scientific way to find this out, but you will have to crunch some numbers for me.

I have been keeping track of pre-1959 nickels that I find when searching boxes. At first I thought that the number would be generally close to the number of wheat pennies that I found per box.

However, I have found that I more than double the number of pre 1959 nickels that I find as opposed to pennies.

I was wondering if you would be willing to keep track of your pre-1959 nickels for a few boxes to see if our number match or if you blow me out of the water on that as well?

kestrelia said...

Sure thing chris. I pull all pre-1960 nickels anyway to look for upgrades.

What wheats do you have? It might take a bit, but if you could send me a list I'd like to see it. I get a lot of wheats, but very few D & S wheats. I'll make a list for comparison.