Monday, August 20, 2007

Slow Weekend

This weekend was a slow weekend for coin roll hunting. My wife and I visited with a lot of family and spent time working on our yard and finishing unpacking.

After dumping a big bunch of coins on Saturday I picked up some hand rolled stuff. I went through one Eisenhower, four half dollars, 360 quarters, 400 dimes, and 797 nickels, but didn't find anything. No Canadians even showed up. :( The most exciting thing was one roll of nickels had 33 nickels and four pennies in it. Oh well, the 1,500 pennies I went through were a good batch. In them was fourteen Wheats and nineteen Canadians. No new varieties though.

Found: 3 pennies (1 at Stop 'N Shop, 2 at the Shell), 1 foreign coin (1 2¢ Euro in my home)


Man said...

Nice site and thanks for the mention.

I must say wow. You go through a lot of coins. It seems overwhelming. I tend to go through my pocket change not searching rolls.

My hope is to find a gold coin in my change. I've found gold plated coins and a few religious medallions of questionable quality but I believe it's possible.

Good luck, great site.