Monday, August 6, 2007

First Weekend

Despite being sick with colds my wife and I survived our first weekend in our new house.

I did a little coin roll hunting. I found 3 War Time nickels (1943P, 1944D, 1944D), 7 Canadians, 1 US penny, and 2 Singapore 20 cent pieces in two boxes. In one box of pennies I found nine Wheats and seventy-eight Canadians, no new varieties. I also visited my new weekend dump bank. It's bit farther away, 15 minutes, but the coin machine is a robust one and it's in its own private alcove. I dumped about 35,000 coins this weekend!

In preparation for next the tax free holiday next weekend we went to Home Depot and Lowes. We had a big list of things to look over. We found some light switch covers, saw that CFL light bulbs of non-standard shapes and sizes were pretty expenisve ($5 a bulb!), saw that ceiling fans were cheaper than we thought, and found a few push mowers for sale. Home Depot had one energy efficient ceiling fan for sale, but it was bit ugly. The guy at Lowes didn't know what I was talking about when I asked about them.

This morning I did a little research on push mowers. Looks like a bad news. A few people rave about them, but others give them some bad marks. I'll have to think about it more. I love the idea of going green with the lawn, but am a bit hesitant to spend $150 on something that doesn't work.

We also started to use our composting pile!

Found: 2 pennies (1 at the Sovereign Bank, 1 at a gas station)


Chris said...

I can certainly send you a list (actually a chart) of what pennies I have found/need and which ones I have extras of. It is a simple word chart with check marks, but would be way too big to post in the comments section. If you want to give me an e-mail in your reply I can send it to you later this evening.