Thursday, August 16, 2007


Last night I didn't do any coin roll hunting. I took a nice break. Instead I went through my Canadian albums and tried my best at updating them. I'm going to print out some stickers to update the albums to 2007. They're a bit inaccurate past 2002 as well. Finding good information on Canadian coins online is quite tough. Luckily, some forum users have been very helpful.

I found one new Canadian nickel I missed in the past few days, too!

Today at the bank I tried out my new cart. It worked great. A teller saved 14 Eisenhower dollars for me. There were no new varieties in the mix, but there might be an upgrade in there.

I also got another free year to Popular Mechanics through the My Coke Rewards program! A co-worker's Barq Root Beer habit is helping things out a lot. Thanks TH!