Tuesday, September 4, 2007

200,000+ Pennies Searched, 100th Silver Dime Found!

This weekend went well. My wife I really needed the 3 days to get back on track after our vacation. We got to visit with some family, relax a bit, and do some yard work. It sounds strange to say it, but it was great fun weeding together on Sunday. Our yard looks much better. We still haven't found a great Indian restaurant in our area, however.

I also broke some new milestones coin roll hunting. I surpassed the 200,000 pennies searched mark and found my 100th silver dime! I also found some great stuff over the past few days.

Since Friday I searched 12,800 pennies. In them I found seventy-three Wheats, eighty Canadians, four US dimes, and one Bermuda 1¢. I found two varieties I needed 1910 (my third oldest penny found) and 1916D. The Wheat breakdown is as follows:

1935 x 3
1936 x 2
1940 x 5
1941 x 3
1942 x 5
1944 x 10
1945 x 3
1946 x 3
1949 x 3
1950 x 2
1952D x 3
1953 x 2
1955 x 4
1956 x 5
1956D x 2
1957 x 3
1957D x 7
1958 x 2
1958D x 3

I also searched 4,980 nickels. I the mix I pulled out one dateless Buffalo, twenty-two Canadians, one Bermuda 5¢, and one Euro 5¢. Strangely, there were no War Time nickels in the bunch, but I did find a 1967 Canadian that I needed. It's a good one, because I've heard they're impossible to find, even in Canadian circulation.

I managed to exchange my dime skunk boxes (2007P's) for better boxes. In total I searched 5,800 dimes. I found five Silver Rosies (1946D, 1957, 1962D, 1964D x 2), eleven Canadians, two UK 10 pence, and one East Caribbean States 10¢. I needed the worn 1946D and the 2006 RCM Canadian dime. Ten more silver Rosies to go! The East Caribbean States is a entity I never heard of. I looked it up on wikipedia and it is some sort of Caribbean economic union that issues its own currency.

I also went through a few hand rolled rolls of quarters. In them I found only two Canadians and one US nickel. One of them was a silver one though, a 1947 Maple Leaf! That's the first one I've found in a roll and the second one I've come across in a month.

Thirteen loose halves produced nothing.

At the bank I exchanged the two boxes of dimes I picked up a Presidential dollar coin I needed, Jefferson 2007P.

Found: 2 pennies (the auto part store, Rutland State Park)

Redeemed: $1.85