Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Energy Audit

Today the home energy auditor is coming. It is supposed to take an hour and half, so I'm staying home a little bit this morning.

Last night I searched some pennies, 7,500. In them were forty-one Wheats, fifty-four Canadians, one Bahamas 1¢, and one Dominican Republic 1 Centavo. The DR coin is a first for me. The Wheat break down for the past two posts is:

1916, 1926, 1935, 1937(2), 1939, 1940, 1941(2), 1944(2), 1944D, 1945(4), 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951D, 1951S, 1952, 1952D, 1953D, 1954D, 1955(3), 1956D, 1957(3), 1957D(8), 1958(2), 1958D(2)

Found: 5 pennies (at Circuit City)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yesterday we got a lot of rain. I wasn't able to go for a walk with Meg and Henry, but it was good for the grass seed I put down this weekend.

While at the bank yesterday waiting for my boxes of coin I searched 1,100 dimes. There was nothing in them.

At home I searched two boxes of nickels, 4,000 coins. In them were two dateless Buffaloes, six Canadians, and one Swiss 20 Rappen. I was surprised to not find any War Times.

This morning I looked through 2,500 pennies. They produced just five Wheats, sixteen Canadians, and one Bermuda 1¢.

Found: 7 pennies (2 at Sovereign Bank, 2 at work, 3 at Bank of America), 3 dimes (2 at Sovereign Bank, 1 at work)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheap Dinner

On Saturday Meg and I had the best dinner deal in town. Our local supermarket, Price Chopper, has fried seafood meals available for takeout. We got two fried clam dinners at $4.99 each. I got mine with onion rings and she got the fries. We both got cole slaw. We can't say it was healthy, but it was tasty. One tip: be sure to have some kid prepare your meal instead of the manager. Some kid is more likely to give you large portions; the manager is much more likely to give you the correct, smaller portion. This works for ice cream cones, too!

Sunday went fairly well for us. My sister and nephew came over for a visit. Henry was very well behaved.

In the evening he got a bit fussy, but looking back on it now, it doesn't matter. That's what being a parent is all about. The time we had at the diner together, the nice walk we took on Saturday evening, and the smiles he gave us are what I remember now on Monday morning.

Found: 8 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 quarters

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Breakfast Out! .. Free Shredding!

Today Henry gave Meg and I a pleasant diner experience. We went to a diner Meg's doctor recommended. It was pretty good. We were seated relatively quickly and it was cheap. There was a bank across the street I had missed sometime before. I went in quickly after breakfast. There I scored a 1964D half from the teller's tray and picked up some $2 bills.

On the way the home we went to a local bank that was sponsoring a community shredding day. They had a large shredding truck in their parking lot to shred whatever one brought them. There were tons of people there. It was good timing too, right after tax day.

Last night and this morning I did a whole lot of coin searching.

I searched 12,000 halves. In them I found fourteen 90% silver halves (1939S, 1943, 1946, 1951, 1952, 1954D, 1963D, 5 x 1964, 2 x 1964D), forty-five (1965, 8 x 1966, 8 x 1967, 13 x 1968D, 1968S, 4 x 1969D), two proof halves (1968S, 1973S), three mint set halves (2 x 2004P, 2005P) and one commemorative (1992 Columbus). I also came across a few plated halves, a chrome, a silver, and two golds. I was very pleased. The commemorative is the first one I've found. It celebrates the 500th anniversary of Columbus's landing. It is clad.

I looked through 480 hand rolled quarters. They produced just one Canadian and one US nickel.

5,450 dimes (two boxes and some hand rolled) turned up two silver Rosies (1953D, 1963D).

In 400 hand rolled nickels I found two Canadians (1 Ni) and in 450 pennies I found two Wheats (1955D, 1957D) and two Canadians.

Found: two plastic coins (a quarter and half in my house)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a bit

Last night and this morning I only did a little coin roll hunting.

I searched 4,000 hand rolled quarters and found one silver Washington (1964D) and one Princess Cruises token. That's a first for me!

I also looked through 600 nickels. They produced one War Time (1943P), two Canadians, and one Bermuda 5¢.

Found: 1 dime (at Hess)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another walk

Last night Henry and I went on another walk. On this one we found more coins and Henry was awake for some of it! I still feel a bit funny talking to him in public. Do all new parents experience this? Part of me thinks people will think I'm crazy, like they would think if I talked to my dog in public, although every pet owner does that in private. I'm probably the crazy one here. What an odd fear. I'll have to get over it fast! How will I teach Henry about the world?

He gave me many good smiles last night. It is now far more easier to get him going. He also seems to be really into music and stirs when any music stops.

I searched two boxes of pennies (5,000 coins). In them I found thirty-five Wheats and thirty-eight Canadians. The Wheats were:

19??(2), 1934, 1940, 1941, 1942(3), 1944(4), 1944D, 1945(2), 1946, 1949S, 1952D, 1953, 1953D(3), 1954d, 1956(2), 1956D, 1957, 1957D(2), 1958D(2)

I also looked through some dollar bills. More on that later. For now it is an experimental project.

Found: 23 pennies (2 at work, 2 at Stop & Shop), 1 quarter, 1 gift card (a Dunkin' Donuts card with 75¢)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Walk

Last night Henry and I went on our first walk together. Meg needed some rest from him and so I took him out of the house for a bit. Although he slept almost the whole time, it was really nice. We walked to the kintergarden he'll attend someday and I spoke on the phone for half of it ... just like every other parent I've seen pushing a stroller.

I did some searching last night and this morning.

I looked through one box of nickels, 2,000 coins, and found one War Time (1945P) and two Canadians. I also found a really nice AU 1939 Jefferson. If it had a D or S I think it'd be worth some money.

I also hunted 5,000 pennies (two boxes). They produced 23 Wheats, 19 Canadians, and 2 Bermuda 2¢. The Wheat varieties were:

1928, 1937, 1940, 1941(3), 1942, 1944(5), 1946(3), 1949, 1950D, 1957D(4), 1958D

Found: 3 pennies (on the street near our house)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The cold

The cold continues. Henry is a still a bit sniffly and last night he didn't sleep that well. I think it might be spreading to his mom, too. :( In between the sniffles and the cold inspired crankiness, I did get some nice time with him on his play mat. Right now, not much makes me happier than seeing him on that having fun.

Yesterday I scheduled a free home energy audit for next Wednesday. I'm very excited. I've seen these done on This Old House several times. Hopefully they'll be able to answer a lot of my attic and basement insulation questions.

I did a bit of coin roll hunting last night and this morning.

I searched 2,160 quarters and found five Canadians and one Bermuda 25¢. One of these days Meg and I will go to Bermuda and the Bahamas to spend all of this change of theirs I'm finding. I was sorry to see my silver quarter streak end, but I knew it was coming.

I also looked through 200 dimes and found one Canadian.

2,200 nickels, one box and some hand rolled, produced one Buffalo (1926D), two War Times (1944D, 1945P), and three Canadians (1 Ni). Although the Buffalo is a new one, I'm not that jazzed about it as it is very worn and I had to use Nic-A-Date to find the date. I'll put it in my album and wait for a better specimen. It had been a while since I've found a Buffalo.

My Norwegian friend/co-worker found me this neat coin from his recent trip to Norway. I now have a complete set of Norwegian coins that are currently in circulation.

Found: 1 penny (at the Chinese market), 1 dime (at Sovereign Bank)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day ... Some books

Yesterday was Earth Day! To celebrate Home Depot gave us a nice canvas bag. I saw a lot of people using them on the way out. I hope they bring them back to use again.

I also finished some books this weekend.

The first book I finished was In Search of Moby Dick by Tim Severin. I've never read Melville's Moby Dick, but I should, especially now that I've read this book and the house where he wrote the book is in my wife's hometown. The book had some fascinating and exciting tales about whale hunting by traditional means that is still done today on remote Pacific islands. Some people still hunt whales by leaping off of boats to drive their harpoons into the whales themselves. The author didn't find a large white whale, but he did hear about and see things that inspired Melville.

The second book I read this weekend was Hadrian's Wall: History and Guide by Guy de la Bedoyere. The book is mostly a guide to those who have the opportunity to walk sections of the wall. The first thirty-five pages discuss the history of the wall. I read those and skimmed the rest. I found the pictures throughout the book to be helpful in my understand of how it looks today. Some day I hope I can visit portions of the wall (if I lived in England I'd probably try to walk the distance of it). I think it'll be a while until Meg and I have an opportunity to go back to Europe, so this book will most likely be the first in series of books I'll obtain about places I wish to visit someday, but can't right now.

Lastly I read Lawns: Your Guide to a Beautiful Yard by Nick Christians and Ashton Ritchie. Our lawn needs some sprucing up. There are bald spots that need tending to, weeds that need to be defeated, and a small section that has sunken. This book helped me understand what I need to do. It was a quick read. Now I've got to do the work.

Found: 7 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 dimes

Saturday, April 19, 2008


A few minutes ago we got back from the ER. Henry had a cold and so they wanted him brought in to check him out. Everything was A-OK. He actually seemed to like it there. The new sights and sounds were amusing him. They weighed him there and his weight came out to 13 pounds 10 ounces. Yikes!

Last night before we went to an evening cookout at a friends I searched 720 nickels. They produced just one Canadian.

This morning I got my haircut and went to the redemption center. Afterwards I stopped at two banks to scrounge up all the hand rolled coin they had. I was hoping my luck from this past week would continue. They didn't have much at all.

I looked through 3,600 quarters. In them were two silver Washingtons (1942, 1944), ten Canadians, one UK 10 pence, one Bermuda 25¢, one US dime, and one US nickel. Another two silver quarters! That felt great. One of them, the '44, has a wider rim than normal. I thought it was a nickel at first. I'm glad to have the 1942 in my album.

I also hunted 400 dimes. They turned up one silver Rosie (1960), one Canadian, two UK 5 pence coins, and one Spanish 10 Pesetas. The Spanish coin is a first for me.

Found: 7 pennies (2 at Papa Gino's, 3 outside Supercuts, 1 at KFC, 2 at Shaw's), 4 dimes (1 outside Supercuts, 3 at Shaw's), 1 foreign coin (a Canadian nickel at Stop & Shop)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Week

Things continued to go well for me this week. Henry didn't sleep as well last night, but I (and I think Meg) felt pretty refreshed from the previous nights' sleep and so it didn't bother me too much. We had great fun together last night hunting coins. He seemed to enjoy sitting on the couch watching me and listening to me talk to him and show him things while I searched them a bit. It seems a bit odd, I know, but he didn't seem to want to lay on his play mat, rock in his swing, or simply cuddle. He just wanted to sit and watch. Either this will make him some sort of crazy collector like his father some day, or he'll curse any such notion. I'm not sure.

I looked through 10,000 halves (10 boxes). The findings were OK. The first and last boxes were decent. In total I found seven 90% silver halves (1963, 6 x 1964) and twenty-five 40% silver halves (1965, 4 x 1966, 7 x 1967, 10 x 1968D, 3 x 1969D). With those 40%'ers I finished one whole of box of them!

This morning I searched 3,760 quarters (all hand rolled) and found two silver Washingtons (1964, 1964D), six Canadians, and two US nickels. That felt pretty good.

Next I hunted 1,650 dimes (all hand rolled). They only produced eight Canadians.

Lastly, I sorted 700 pennies. In them was eight Wheats (1937, 1942, 1943D, 1945, 1946, 1955, 2 x 1956), seven Canadians, and two US dimes. The two dimes were in the same roll which was kind of strange. The 1943D is my second steelie of the week! It's a great upgrade to the rusty one I had in my album.

Found: 1 penny (at the Shell)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last night after work Meg and I went on a nice walk with Henry in our neighborhood. There's a nice park across the street that we hadn't explored much and it was good to check it out. Henry was awake the whole time.

Later and this morning I went through three boxes of nickels (6,000 coins). They produced one Liberty (1912), one War Time (1944D), fourteen Canadians (2 Ni), one UK new penny, one Singapore 20¢, and one Bahamas 5¢. The 1912 Liberty nickel is the first new US nickel I have found since December 4th, 2007. With the Indian Head and steel pennies it has been quite a week! When going through nickels I have been setting aside any key date nickels I find and any pure nickel Canadians I come across. Pure nickel Canadian 5¢ (1922-1942, 1946-1950, 1955-1981) are worth about 12¢ melt. I don't find many, but I might as well start creating a hoard. Last night I found two. I also found one key date Jefferson, 1955.

I also searched ninety-seven Ike dollars at the bank. I didn't find any keepers, but it was a convenient way to hunt.

This morning Henry was great. He was very upbeat and gave me many smiles. Here's a funny picture I took of him.

Found: 1 quarter (on the street near our house)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last night I finished my four boxes of pennies, and searched 5,000 coins. In them were thirty Wheats and thirty Canadians. One box had my fifth steel penny in it. It has been since November 8th that I've found one of those. Unfortunately it was not an upgrade for my very rusty 1943D.

The Wheats were:

19??, 1912?, 1917, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1941S, 1943, 1945D, 1946(2), 1947, 1950D(2), 1951(2), 1951D, 1953, 1955, 1955D, 1956(2), 1956D(2), 1957, 1957D(3), 1958, 1958D

This morning both Meg and I are feeling great. Henry slept another full night of sleep. We've been extremely spoiled by this and are actively trying to think of any way we can encourage this further. Let's hope!

I also got some neat coins from Norway today. A friend of mine goes there frequently to see family and picked some up for me. There's a few smaller coins from there I don't have, but I have all the common ones now. I really need to spend some time organizing my foreign coins. I have a pretty big collection at this point.

Found: 3 pennies (1 at Burger King), 1 nickel, 2 dimes, 1 quarter

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Indian Head #8

Yesterday Henry went to the doctor's. He checked out just fine. He now weighs 12 pounds 15 ounces. He was pretty cranky yesterday evening, but I did get five minutes of smiling time with him last night. That is better than most nights, but I still wish we had more good times together on weekdays. He slept for an amazing 8 hours.

Last night I did some coin searching while he was feeding.

I searched 120 hand rolled quarters and didn't find anything. 50 dimes produced one Canadian dime and 40 nickels producing nothing.

I also searched 5,100 pennies (two boxes and some hand rolled). In them I found one Indian Head (1905), thirty-three Wheats, thirty-four Canadians, and one US dime. The Indian is one I already have, but it is in great shape! There were also two coins I needed for my album in the two boxes, a worn 1918D and a brand new 2008. I'm a bit surprised it took this long to find a 2008. I still haven't a 2008 nickel or dime.

The Wheats were:

1918D, 1927, 1937, 1941(2), 1942, 1944S(2), 1945(2), 1946, 1948(2), 1949, 1951, 1952D(2), 1953, 1955D(2), 1956(2), 1956D(5), 1957, 1957D(4), 1958, 1958D

Found: 4 pennies (1 at GAP Kids, 1 at Waldenbooks, 1 at Old Navy, 1 in my attic), 2 dimes (1 at Sovereign Bank, 1 at work), 3 quarters (2 at Sovereign Bank, 1 at work)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Bit More ... Some Errors

Today when I got home I did a bit more coin searching.

I looked through 320 hand rolled dimes. In them was one War Time (1945P) and two Canadians.

I then searched 1150 pennies. They produced four Wheats (1927D, 1941, 1956, 1957D) and ten Canadians. It was great to find another album filler so soon after the last one! Perhaps I'm back on track?!

I did some more research and found out that the error dime I found last night is known as a late stage capped die error. A capped die occurs when a coin gets stuck on the die. The die then presses more coins with the stuck coin. Early stage capped die errors have an incuse (inwards) strike from the stuck coin. Late stage capped die errors have a slight, blurred strike from the die that went through now thin stuck coin. I think my coin is a bit special in the words "B ... USMIN" appear in reverse on Roosevelt's head. I think that is supposed to be USMINT. It is worth at least $15.

I took some scans of some error coins I have found. I've found quite a few broad strikes, coins struck off center, and had been keeping only the most broad ones. I think I'll start collecting all the major ones I come across. The half is interesting in that the off strike occurs on both sides.

I've also found a few clipped planchets. The nickel find is by far the best as it is double clipped.

Found: 2 dimes (at work)

Error Coin?

Last night while watching Henry and trying to get him to sleep I did some coin roll hunting. It wasn't his best night, but compared to this past Tuesday it was better. I feel lucky that I was able to stay home a bit more in the morning yesterday and see him at his best. We had a lot of good smiling time together on the couch.

I searched 12,005 halves (twelve boxes and a few more!). They produced one 90% silver half (1964), twenty-five 40% silver halves (7 x 1966, 9 x 1967, 3 x 1968D, 6 x 1969D), two proof halves (1993S, 1995S), one mint set half (2006P) and one Bermuda 50¢. Compared to last week the production was a bit disappointing, but there is no comparison to my twenty-something stretch of skunk boxes! Anything silver finds are OK with me.

I also looked through 3,680 quarters. In them I found seven Canadians, one UK 10 pence, and one Cayman Islands 25¢.

Lastly, I hunted 6,000 dimes (two boxes and some hand rolled). In them I found on two silver US dimes (1934, 1960D), nine Canadians (including one 80% silver dime, 1957), one Cayman Islands 5¢, and possibly an error coin. The possible error coin I found as I threw my waste coins into a box. The picture below doesn't do it justice. I'll have to try and get a better picture this weekend. The coin's obverse (front) is shiny, one can just faintly see an outline of the design, the reverse is completely normal, and it weighs the correct 2.3 grams. The 1934 Mercury dime is the seventh I've found this week and the second one I needed for my album. It is now the most battered dime in my albums.

Found: 11 pennies (2 at work), 2 nickels, 1 quarter

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Swing

Well, we took the plunge and got a baby swing. Some people had been telling us they worked and others had been telling us they didn't work. After the previous evening, I decided we just needed to try one. If it could get him to chill out, it'd be worth $100. And so, after work my carpool buddy and I picked up the biggest, baddest swing we could find that plugged in (most only have batteries for some reason).

It didn't take long to set up as it is constructed exactly like his other Fisher Price rain forest gear. Soon after he started fussing and we decided it was time for him to try it out. It was great. He was totally enthralled by the mobile and seemed hypnotized by the swinging. He didn't fall asleep, but he seemed to be having fun for the 45 minutes he let us watch Mark and Olly and eat supper. $115 well spent!

Found: 3 pennies (at work)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday was a very rough night for us. When I got home Meg told me that Henry had been awake and fussy since 1PM. Things improved a bit during dinner and our visit with his aunt. After dinner though things went downhill. Meg tried to put him to sleep around 8PM, but it didn't take. We traded him between us until about 10:30PM, at which time Meg went to bed and I took Henry for a ride. I didn't want to be one of those parents who drive their kids around to soothe them, but I could think of nothing else to try. We got home around 11:20PM ... it didn't work. Finally around 12:30AM he fell alseep. It's going to be a long day for both us.

Found: 5 pennies (1 at work, 3 at Dunkin' Donuts, 1 at Gulf Express), 2 quarters (at Dunkin' Donuts)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

7 & 7

Last night's lucky number was seven.

When I got home I did a little coin searching. (Henry was sleeping.)

I went through 2,160 hand rolled quarters and found two Canadians and one French franc. The French coin is dated 1960. That's actually one of the oldest non-Canadian foreign coins I've found.

After that I went through 700 hand rolled dimes. They produced my first silver dime mini-hoard! In total I found seven silver dimes (1923, 1936, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1950), two Canadian dimes, and one French 5 centimes. All of the silver dimes were in one roll. I was feeling pumped after that.

One roll of nickels, forty coins, didn't turn up anything.

After dinner I searched 10,500 pennies (four boxes and some hand rolled). The boxes were dated the same as the ones I got last week and like those produced a large number of wheats. In them were one hundred twenty-one Wheats, sixty-two Canadians, two US dimes, and one Barbados 1¢. With these pennies I broke the 700,000 mark! The Wheat breakdown was:

1919, 1925, 1935, 1936(2), 1938, 1940(3), 1941(4), 1942(5), 1944(9), 1944D, 1944S, 1945(5), 1945D, 1946(5), 1946D, 1947(5), 1948(2), 1948D, 1949(2), 1949S, 1950D(5), 1951(6), 1951D(4), 1952(3), 1952D(4), 1953(4), 1953D(9), 1953S, 1954(2), 1954D, 1955(4), 1956, 1956D(8), 1957(3), 1957D(7), 1958(2), 1958D(5)

During the night Henry blessed me (and more so Meg!) with his longest sleep ever ... 7 1/2 hours! Another seven! It was bliss. I hope he's a good boy for his social activities today and our visit with his aunt.

(PS ... Henry weighs 12 lbs. 13 oz. now! Meg weighed him at her mother's group!)

Found: 1 penny (at Sovereign Bank), 2 dimes (1 on the street in our neighborhood, 1 at Sovereign Bank), 1 quarter (at Sovereign Bank)

Friday, April 4, 2008


When I got home today I searched a bit.

800 hand rolled nickels produced two Canadians and one Bahamas 5¢.

I also looked through 1,400 pennies. They turned up one Wheat (1942), eight Canadians, and three US dimes.

Found: 15 pennies (at the car wash), 2 quarters (1 at Home Depot, 1 at the car wash)


Last night was a great night for me. Henry and I had our best fifteen minutes together. I sat him on the sofa next to me and told him about coins, showed him the good ones, and smiled a lot at him. He smiled back alot at me and followed the coins with his eyes. I realize he doesn't understand any of this, but it was fun to talk to him about something and he seemed to enjoy listening to me. I then stroked his back as he went to sleep right next to me. A couple of hours later he was completely freaking out, giving his mom something to talk about in her group today ... such is life with a newborn. Meg's sure earning any Mothers' Day gifts she'll be getting. No doubt about that!

It was also a great night for silver. I searched 10,000 halves (10 boxes) and found thirty-two 90% silver halves (1944, 1946, 22 x 1964, 1964D, 2005S), one hundred sixty-three 40% silver halves (4 x 1965, 12 x 1966, 56 x 1967, 60 x 1968D, 31 x 1969D, 1976S), seven proof halves (1973S, 1976S-Silver, 1978S, 3 x 1979S, 2005S-Silver), one mint set half (2002P) and one Bermuda 50¢. It was great to find a new Walker and those silver proof halves are great.

The 1976S-Silver is from a special collector proof set. The set came with an Ike dollar and a quarter in a little case. All three coins were 40% silver. They made them as proof and circulation strikes. I'm not sure which my coin is, but my best guess is proof and if so it was originally sold for $15-20. About 4 million sets were sold. Here's a story about them.

Likewise the 2005S-Silver is from a special annual proof set. The set comes with all the coins made that year. The coins that are normally clad (dime, quarter, half, etc.) are 90% silver. I couldn't find the original price of the set, but the 2008 set is being sold for $45. About 1.1 million sets were minted and sold.

Lastly, this morning I searched 2,200 hand rolled quarters In them I found one silver Washington (1951D), three US nickels, and one Dominican Republic 25 Centavos. As always it was good to find silver quarter, but I was bummed that it wasn't one I needed for my album.

850 hand rolled dimes produced nothing.

Found: 2 pennies (at work), 1 dime (at Sovereign Bank)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One Month!

Yesterday my son was one month old! It has been quite a first month. Already there have been changes. So far he can't fit into one outfit he used to wear and in another outfit he busted through the toes! He seems bigger to us, but we don't have a suitable scale at home for him. His awareness seems to grow with each passing day.

Now that we have gotten used to the baby care basics, feeding him (that one isn't really "we") and changing him, I think we're ready to try some more advanced efforts. To that end we've talked about putting him on a more regular routine. If he's anything like me he'll feel much better if more is planned. We hope to avoid some of his crankiness and get him to sleep a bit more.

Last night I finished reading another book, Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer. We saw the movie last weekend over three sittings and we both enjoyed it. Meg will probably read the book today. For those of you who don't know, the story is about a young man in his early twenties, Chris McCandless, who just after college leaves behind his family and friends to hitchhike around the country. After two years he ends up in Alaska hoping to live off the land and discover himself. It was a great read. The story helped me understand alot about myself.

Found: 6 pennies (2 outside near my workplace, 3 at work, 1 just outside Shaw's)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The above is a picture of Henry in his new favorite position. He loves to be carried around in the bjorn. I suppose it is like he's back in the womb. For Meg it has been great. He can sleep while she gets things done. Last night "they" made me a delicious Middle Eastern themed dinner of kebabs, pita chips and stuffed grape leaves.

I also did some penny searching. I looked through four boxes of pennies, 10,000 coins. In them I found one hundred six Wheats, sixty-one Canadians, and one Bermuda 1¢. One of the Wheats was one I needed, 1924S. It's a bit beat up, but it's a relatively rare one. By mintage numbers it's the second rarest I've found. Only 11.7 million were made; 9.1 million were made of the rarest I've found, the 1932. It was good to find a fair number of Wheats again and it had been sixty-eight days since my last new penny find. The breakdown was:

1919S, 1920, 1924S, 1930, 1935D, 1936(3), 1938, 1939(4), 1940(5), 1941(5), 1942(6), 1944(10), 1945(9), 1946(3), 1947, 1948D, 1950(2), 1950D, 1951D, 1952(3), 1952D(5), 1953(4), 1953D(3), 1955, 1955D(2), 1956(5), 1956D(12), 1957(4), 1957D(7), 1958, 1958D(2)

Found: 32 pennies (1 at work, 1 at Sovereign Bank), 2 nickels, 1 dime, 1 quarter