Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

Everyday is Earth Day on this blog, I suppose. Everyday's a good day to save too.

This weekend I was disappointed to discover that my local Best Buy no longer has a receptacle at the front of their store for used batteries. I've thought for a while that its presence was a great way to remind people that they shouldn't be throwing their used batteries (especially laptop and cell phone batteries) into the trash. The service counter took my battery, but I'm sure waiting ten minutes to get rid of a battery is too much bother for most people. I hope they get rid of it properly. I think I should write the store an e-mail.

Found: 3 pennies (2 at Shaw's, 1 at The Carriage House Restaurant), 2 quarters (both at The Carriage House Restaurant)


Chrys said...

Hey, if you have not found a place for recycle battery, I just found out that Ikea Stores has a bin for them. Hope you are near one! Last sunday I decided to have a box for my dead batteries ready for my next trip to Ikea store.

kestrelia said...

Thanks! I actually saw one at Lowe's the other day and forgot to mention it, but IKEA's not too far from us. :)