Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Third Helping

Last night Meg went to her second Indian cooking class. Henry and I held down the fort. We enjoyed a nice little walk and some bath time. It's much more quiet when Meg's not around. Henry and I played a bit, but Meg can usually get him more excited then I can. I'll have to try harder tonight.

I searched some coin.

58 half dollars didn't produce anything.

2,080 quarters turned up four Canadians, one French franc and one US dime.

2,200 dimes yielded two silver Rosies (1963, 1963D) and five Canadians. Those two Canadians got me to the 500 silver dimes mark!

1,800 nickels produced four Canadians (1 Ni), one Morocco ½ Dirham (worth 6¢) and one Jamaica $5 coin (worth 5¢). My War Time nickel skunk streak continued. :( That's the second Morocco ½ Dirham I've found. This one is a new variety for me. The Jamaica coin is the first one I've found from that country in a roll.

Lastly I searched 3,500 pennies. In them were a few rolls from the same person that produced some great Wheats twice before. A third helping! I did really well. In total I found ninety-eight Wheats (6 Steelies), nineteen Canadians and one Euro 10¢ (Spain). The Wheats were:

1916, 1917(2), 1918(4), 1919(2), 1920(4), 1921, 1923(4), 1924, 1926(4), 1927(3), 1928, 1929, 1930(2), 1930S, 1934(2), 1935, 1936, 1937(2), 1939(2), 1940(5), 1942(2), 1942D, 1943(6), 1944(3), 1944D, 1945, 1945D, 1945S(2), 1946, 1946S, 1947S, 1948(2), 1949S, 1950S(5), 1951D(3), 1952D(3), 1953S, 1954, 1955, 1955D, 1956, 1956D(2), 1957(3), 1957D(10)

I didn't find any new ones, but the 1930S is only the second example of that variety I've found. The last one I found was on July 23, 2007, almost two years ago! This one is in far better condition. One of the Canadians was a 1932 George V penny.

Found: 1 foreign coin (a Canadian penny at DCU)


James (UK) said...

I like that "swirling" effect on that coin. Reminds me of the "Zen" line patterns in sand etc.

kestrelia said...

Me too. At first I thought it was an Australian coin, but then I realized it was Morrocan and the picture was of a satellite. Which is strange, because one doesn't hear much about the Morrocan space agency. ;)

Where are the updates to your own blog. I was wondering if you were out of commission?

James (UK) said...

Eh? I posted on the 24/03/09 last... Give me a week's rest, please! I'm still trying to assimulate all that crap that was in that bucket!