Friday, April 17, 2009

Last I night I searched just a small batch of coins I acquired at a supermarket bank.

80 quarters and 100 dimes didn't produce anything.

920 nickels turned up one Buffalo (1935) and three Canadians. The Buffalo is in decent condition and I hadn't found one this month so I'm pretty happy with it.

1,800 pennies yielded nine Wheats, fourteen Canadians and one US dime. The Wheats were:

1917, 1919, 1923, 1929, 1948, 1949, 1953D, 1955, 1956D

E-Bay ... Last week I found a used Red Sox ticket on our street while Meg, Henry and I were on a walk. I put it on E-Bay because a friend, Chris, has told me they can sometimes still have value (this one was for Opening Day). I made $1.75 off of it! Last week I sold a calculator Meg had put in the trash and made about $17.

(James, the finds below were mostly found in a Coin Star reject bin.)

Found: 3 pennies (2 at Stop & Shop, 1 at work), 3 nickels (at Stop & Shop), 3 dimes (at Stop & Shop)


James (UK) said...

Thanks for the note. Glad you're still having luck. I reckon I've seen the last of my reject bin finds now, due to this guy. :-(