Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday it seems that Henry was inspired by watching the Boston Marathon with his mother as when I got home he was running all over the place. Just saying "running!" to him was enough to get him to smile and start running all over the house. He's much faster now that he feels more confident about bending his knees. I had to stop him after he crashed into the banister. :( The fun times continued, however, as we had a good time dancing together and being silly during supper.

After he went to bed I searched some coin. I did really well considering the amount I searched.

4,520 quarters produced two silver Washingtons (1940S, 1964D), seven Canadians and one Bermuda 25¢. The two silver quarters came from two rolls from the same person. The 1940S is now the rarest circulation quarter I've found. Only 8.2 million were minted. It is quite darkened, but I don't care.

1,750 dimes yielded two silvers (1944, 1964) and three Canadians.

1,500 nickels turned up two War Times (1942P, 1943P) and five Canadians (2 Ni).

I didn't do as well with the pennies, but oh well. They had seven Wheats, nineteen Canadians, two US dimes and one Euro 10¢ (France). The Wheats were:

19??, 1935, 1939, 1941, 1947, 1955, 1958D