Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lucky Easter

Today was the second Easter we spent with Henry. It was a good one. Henry held up so well considering how little sleep he got and how much visiting he had to do. He danced and charmed many people. I had good luck today too. I won $10 on a scratch ticket Meg's grandfather gave me. Yesterday Meg and I even got to go on two outings alone together. We went to the movies and out for dinner. The dinner was terrible, but it was great to be out together.

(I'll have to post some Easter pictures at a later point. Both sets of batteries I brought for the camera were dead. Henry's Uncle Tim took some good pictures.)

I searched some coin before I left. 4,000 halves turned up nine 40% silver halves (4 x 1967, 2 x 1968D, 3 x 1969D), one proof half (1973S) and one mint set half (2003D). This week's dose of halves wasn't the best, but at least it wasn't the worst!

Found: 14 pennies (2 at work), 4 dimes and 2 quarters (1 at White Hen Pantry)


James (UK) said...

Nice one on the scratch card win. Do you ever feel like "investing" the win money in even more stratchcards?

What was up with the batteries? Were these standard "one-use" ones that were just dead when you tried them, or rechargeables that had "lost" their charge?

kestrelia said...

Funny you should ask. As I cashed in the card the cashier asked me if I wanted the money or more tickets. I thought, "no I'm not a scratch ticket junkie ... just a coin junkie."

I always use NiMH batteries. I just grabbed some uncharged ones. I have to work out a better system. We use them for everything in the house. The initial cost is much more expensive, but over the long run they really pay off, especially with digital cameras. I don't get how anyone uses non NiMH batteries. It is a total waste of money.

James (UK) said...

Ah, I see now...

Yes, you need some sort of "in / out" or "green for charged" / "Red for uncharged" marker system so you can see at a glance what's ready and what's not.