Friday, April 3, 2009

The Allergist

Today I took off from work so I could go with Meg and Henry to the allergist. Henry had a test a few weeks back that showed he had an allergy to peanuts, eggs and soy. The appointment was pretty quick and the doctor was thorough. We learned that his soy allergy barely registered on the test. We'll have to watch the eggs for now, although products with eggs should be OK. The peanuts we'll need to keep a eye on for some time. Henry will have to stay away from all nut products for the foreseeable future. There's a chance he'll outgrow these allergies, especially the egg allergy. Henry behaved really well at the doctors.

I picked up coin yesterday from two banks. Both had no hand rolled quarters.

3,300 dimes turned up one silver Rosie (1962D), six Canadians and four Cayman Islands 1¢.

2,120 nickels yielded one War Time (1943S), four Canadians and one US penny. That War Time nickel breaks me out of my skunk streak for those!

6,500 pennies produced thirty-one Wheats, forty-nine Canadians, 1 UK new penny (2004) and three US dimes. The Wheats were:

1919S, 1935, 1939, 1944, 1945(2), 1947, 1948, 1949(3), 1950, 1951, 1951D, 1952D, 1953(2), 1955, 1956D(4), 1957D, 1958, 1958D(3)

My best find from yesterday was under the coin counting machine. When I was checking the machine out I noticed there were a whole bunch of ripped coin wrappers on top of it. Low and behold under the machine was a full roll of dimes! It must have rolled there and gone unnoticed. An easy $5!

Found: 7 pennies (1 at Burger King, 2 at CVS, 1 at AutoZone, 3 at Stop & Shop), 50 dimes (all at Stop & Shop)


James (UK) said...

Hey, stop taking my Coinstar finds! Tell you what... you be my "appointed US agent", and you split anything you find with me 70/30?


Is there any advice now with children and allergies to try and expose them to the allergen (I.E. the peanuts) as much as possible now, with all safety aspects in place, so that they "get used to it", so to speak?

kestrelia said...

I've heard a lot lately about allergies and exposing people to them in safe setting in order to "get over them," but I don't think this has gone beyond research studies. Perhaps when H is older we'll try something similar if his test results show the allergy is diminishing, but right now it is risky to do so because he's not verbal.

James (UK) said...

Ah, of course, sorry... I should have thought of that; how indeed can he tell you what he's "feeling"?

For what it's worth, there's some good stuff on Wikipedia I was reading the other day here.