Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Silver Surprise

Last night things started out well. I went through 400 hand rolled quarters and found one silver quarter (1964). It was a variety I already had five extras of, but it was good to find one nonetheless.

I next went through 10,000 dimes (one of the boxes was all brand new dimes, so I didn't open it). In the mix I found three silver dimes (1937, 1953D, 1964D) and three Canadians. There were no new varieties, but that was my 10th Mercury found.

After that I went through 10,000 pennies. They produced sixty-two Wheats, ninety-three Canadians, one Bahamas 1¢, and one Panama 1¢. No new US varieties turned up, but I did find a Canadian I needed, 1943. I'll post the Wheat breakdown on Thursday after I get through two more boxes I have.

Also ... this weekend I'm participating in the Jimmy Fund Walk for cancer research. I'm doing it with my family in support of father-in-law who has kidney cancer. If you like to contribute to our team goal you can do so at this link. Thanks!

Found: 1 quarter (at the Sovereign Bank)