Friday, September 28, 2007

100,000+ Quarters Searched! ... drawing blood

Yesterday morning I spent some time investigating the EBay incident. I learned that the hacker sent out 200 e-mails through EBay's messaging system. Most e-mails concerned bids having to do with digital cameras and sneakers. Here's one of them:

Hello seller,
I'm interested in the immediate purchase of this item,which is needed in my store urgently in next 5 days for my customers, i will be paying 15USD for one and i need over 30 piceces,450 for the 30 jersey and 100 for the shipping making 550 including shipping & insurance via USPS or (EMS),i will be paying you through a trusted name PAYPAL
[my PayPal account, the one he thankfully couldn't get into!].reply asap with your paypal email account which you want you money to be credited too so that i can send your money right away into your account.please send your paypal account include your email address in your reply so that can contact you anytime.[and not do so through EBay]i will be glad if you can end auction for the item now.Reply Asap NB:i would like buy the item to one of my store , pls let me know if you can ship today as soon as payment has been received .
You may reply me direct to this mail
Paul Rose
[fake name and temporary e-mail address, I'm sure]

I also found out that he/she used a computer with an ip address in Chicago to navigate EBay, although I'm quite confident they are not a native English speaker.

Last night I coin roll searched and drew blood! While searching my quarters I got a nasty cut. That's a first, I think. Who knew this was such a dangerous hobby.

I looked through 5,600 quarters (2 boxes and some hand rolled). That puts me over the 100,000 mark. In that bunch I found seven Canadians and a East Caribbean States 25¢. No silver quarters or new varieties marked the occasion.

I also searched 10,700 dimes. In them I found five silver Rosies (1955S, 1956, 1964D, 1964 x 2), seventeen Canadians, and two Bermuda 10¢. The 1955S is one I needed. It's one of the more rarer Roosevelts too! Seven more to go.

This morning I managed to get through 2,950 pennies. I found a minor Wheat hoard. One roll had twenty-seven Wheats in it. In total I found forty-six Wheats, thirty-six Canadians, and two Bahama 1¢.

Found: 3 pennies (1 in the parking lot at work, 2 at White Hen Pantry), 1 nickel (at White Hen Pantry)


Chris said...

Sorry to hear about the eBay mess. They are usually terrible about replying to problems, so I'm glad your situation got fixed right away.

On a happier note I found my oldest Canadian penny today (even though I'm not really collecting them). It was a 1932 coin that I picked up while searching a box of US pennies.