Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lately I've seen a lot of creativity from Henry. I know Meg sees this during the day, but because I'm at work (usually) I miss it. On the weekend he was excited to make race tracks out of play dough, on Monday he wanted to make a race track out of a large piece of cardboard (by drawing it, he told me what to draw and where) and today he was very excited to do some painting and use his magic markers. He drew what he told us was some train tracks.

My coins last night were OK.

30 large dollars and 127 small dollars had mint set dollar (2006P).

20 half dollars had one proof half (1977S).

4,080 quarters turned up nine Canadians, one Bahamas 25¢, one Bermuda 25¢, one Hong Kong $1 and one US nickel.

3,150 dimes yielded four silver Rosies (1948, 1948D, 1960D, 1964), three Canadians, one UK 5 pence and one Brazil 1¢.

2,000 nickels produced one proof nickel (2005S Ocean in View), three Canadians (1 Ni), five US pennies (in place of a nickel) and one US dime. In the mix was also a 1949S. It felt pretty cool to find another new proof nickel so soon!

7,600 pennies rounded up forty-eight Wheats, forty-one Canadians, one German 1 Pfennig, one Swedish 50 Ore and three US dimes. One of the Wheats, the 1925S, is a pretty good one for me. I only found this one once before, on the West Coast.

1918S, 1919S, 1925S, 1927, 1930, 134, 1937, 1939(2), 1942(2), 1942D, 1944(2), 1944D, 1945(3), 1946(2), 1947, 1948(3), 1950D, 1950S, 1951, 1951D(2), 1952, 1952D, 1953, 1953D(2), 1954, 1955(2), 1956, 1956D, 1957(2), 1957D, 1958, 1958D

A nice teller also saved for me three $2 red seal notes (1953A, 2 x 1963). The 1953A bill is the oldest piece of currency I've turned up so far.

Found: 2 pennies