Sunday, August 28, 2011


Although we had a few stir crazy moments yesterday, we survived Irene rather well. Meg made lots of tomato sauce and a rainbow birthday cake (Henry said it was Duck's 1st birthday); I made lots of forts with pillows and blankets. We didn't loose power at all, but we did loose two garden plants and four or five big branches fell from a tree in our yard. The wind was pretty impressive at times. I'm glad it was just a tropical storm by the time it got to us!

The day before, Saturday, I had a great time with the kids at a nearby science museum. It was the first time I just let Hazel walk around there. For her it was like being their the first time (even though we go there about three times a month). It's more difficult following two of them around, but not too bad.

My coins were really good to me this weekend.

27 small dollars had nothing.

8,040 half dollars produced nineteen 90% silver halves (17 x 1964, 2 x 1964D), two 40% silver halves (1967, 1969D) and one proof (1973S). Only the proof half came from my weekly boxes. All of the silver came from a very fortunate bank stop I made on Friday.

1,600 quarters yielded five Canadians, one Bermuda 25¢ five US nickels, two US pennies, one US dime and a parking token.

1,800 dimes turned up eight Canadians, one Bermuda 10¢ and one Chinese 1 Jiao.

2,360 nickels rounded up thirty War Times (11 x 1943P, 3 x 1943S, 7 x 1944P, 7 x 1945P, 1945D, 1945S), eight US pennies, five Canadians and one German 10 Pfennig (1950). That's the most War Times I've come up with in one sitting. A real nickel hoard. It was from the same bank as the silver halves.

12,450 pennies got me three hundred ninety-four Wheat (one Steelie), ninety-six Canadians, three US dimes, one Australia 5¢, one German 50 Pfennig (1980), one Bahamas 1¢, two UK pennies and one Zambia 1 Ngwee (1983). The majority of these Wheats came from one source I hadn't worked my way through earlier in the week. They definitely help my average, although most were kind of boring 1950's Wheats. In this big batch of pennies, however, I scored a really good, new one, the 1926S! This one felt really good, only 4,550,000 million were minted. Another one of those Wheats I wasn't so sure I'd find ... I guess I should have learned by now. The Zambia coin is a new country for me. Another great moment!

1919, 1926S, 1927, 1929(2), 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941(6), 1941S, 1942(8), 1943, 1944(18), 1944D(2), 1945(4), 1945S, 1946(12), 1948(4), 1948D, 1949(5), 1949D, 1950(12), 1950D(4), 1950S(3), 1951(21), 1951D(16), 1951S(3), 1952(13), 1952D(21), 1953(15), 1953D(18), 1953S, 1954, 1954D, 1955(12), 1955D(14), 1956(35), 1956D(32), 1957(24), 1957D(28), 1958(29), 1958D(19)