Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Nap!

Last night Henry said told us he had a big nap. He, Hazel, Meg and I all slept through the night. It was glorious.

My coin from yesterday wasn't too exciting.

62 small dollars, 6 halves and 1,600 quarters had nothing.

1,450 dimes produced one silver Rosie (1961) and one Canadian.

3,440 nickels turned up seven Canadians (3 Ni), one UK penny and a Japanese 1 Yen (1950). The Japanese coin is a new one for me. I had some fun looking up how to read the date on the coin.

4,200 pennies yielded fifteen Wheats, nineteen Canadians, six US dimes and one Bahamas 1¢. One of the Wheats, the 1929D, was a rarer one for me.

1929D, 1940(3), 1942, 1945S, 1946(2), 1950S, 1951, 1952(2), 1952D, 1958D(2)

Found: 3 pennies, 1 dime