Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last night I just searched six small dollars (nothing) and 3,680 hand rolled nickels. The nickels produced one Buffalo (1925S), three Canadians and a key date Jefferson (1949S). The Buffalo is pretty worn. I used Nic-A-Date on it to read the date.

Found: 1 penny (at Costco)


James (UK) said...

I'd never heard of that stuff...How exactly does it work? I did "google" it a bit, but can't find out that much about it?

kestrelia said...

Nic-A-Date is some sort of mild acid. It discolors the spot on the nickel where you put the stuff, but in a few seconds you can usually get a faint date by using it. It doesn't work for other coins.

James (UK) said...

OK, thanks for that.