Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last night while Henry was sleeping I searched some coin.

400 hand rolled dimes turned up one Canadian and one UK 5 pence.

I also searched two boxes of nickels, 2,000 coins. They produced one War Time (1945S), seventeen Canadians (9 Ni), one Swiss 20 Rappen, and an error nickel. The error nickel is a 1983P with a cud over "WE TRUST." It is the first such coin I've found. Here's a definition I found online:

The term "cud" is a slang holdover from the 1960s that stuck. A cud occurs when a section of the die face and corresponding shank breaks away and leaves a void in the die in its place. The die will then strike coins that will show a raised blob of unstruck metal that has been partially forced up into the void during the strike.

On the opposite side of the cud will often be an area of weakness representing the fact that not enough metal was present on the opposing side to raise up the design sufficiently when struck.

The obverse of my coin does have a weak spot on the area opposite of the cud.

During the day Meg and Henry found two $1 bills on a side street near our house! I'm very jealous.


James (UK) said...

Interesting that one.

I've never had a UK coin like that, although I did have a £20 note once that had been folded in the middle, then "printed", resulting in a thin area of "white". Wish I'd have kept it now! All I was worried about at the time was if anyone would accept it!

Man said...

That is a great example looks like it should be in a book.