Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anything Goes

Two nights ago I was reminded that being a parent is all about trying anything, doing anything to maintain sanity. We were eating some delicious corn on the cob and Henry started acting up. For most meals it is possible to eat and keep him happy, either by feeding him inbetween your own bites or by eating with one hand and amusing him with another. With corn on the cob things are different though. Ones hands get pretty messy and once you start a cob it's tough to put it down. Well last night while we were both eating a cob Henry started acting up. Meg put him on her lap. I thought it was our usual end of dinner routine when one of us plays with him while the other finishes and then we switch. This time, however, Meg did the impossible! While holding Henry she successfully finished half of a cob. Super Mom!

I searched some pennies after he went to sleep (which took a long time). 5,000 of them turned up thirty-five Wheats and forty-five Canadians. One of the Wheats was a Steelie too!

19XX, 1919, 1927, 1929, 1935, 1936, 1940, 1941(2), 1943, 1944(2), 1945D, 1946(2), 1947(2), 1948D, 1950, 1952D(3), 1954D, 1955(3), 1956, 1956D(2), 1957D(3), 1958D(3)

Found: 3 pennies (2 at work, 1 at Costco), 1 nickel (at Costco)


James (UK) said...

Great snap there. I was half expecting to see Meg eating one half and Henry eating the other!

I'm not a parent myself, but I firmly believe that you should try and feed your children at the same time as you have your regular meals, once they are starting to be weaned.

My Brother was always a very picky / fussy eater as a child, and my parents had no end of trouble with him. I feel this was the way they made eating such a "big deal", and he picked up on that. I know I did, and still have problems with it now.

Still, like anything, I've always felt if you can include your children in everything you do, they'll be less restless / bored / irritable etc.

kestrelia said...

Yup, that's our thought too. So far it is working pretty well and now that we eat with him every night I can't imagine not doing so as he's so interested in our food right now.

I'm even trying my best to make him a less picky eater than I am. As a good example, I've been eating my least favorite food in front of him ... squash.

James (UK) said...

That's good.

I read too that things like fear of spiders are picked up from the parents, by the way the child sees the parent react to the "thing" as they grow up etc.