Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Wrestling Pose

Yesterday on the way home I stopped at the grocery store. My good fortune with coin counting machines continued. I found a steel penny (1943) in the reject bin! It was the sole coin in there. It's a bit beat up, but one doesn't find those everyday.

When I got home I saw Henry's latest skill. I call it the wrestling pose. He hasn't combined it yet with his leg movements, but he is able to be up on his hands and knees for some time now. When he holds the position it's really cute because he shakes a bit trying to balance himself. I'd say he can hold it for a minute or two. I also gave him a fun bath in the sink that involved lots of kicking in the water. After the bath we both needed some new clothes. I think that'll be the last bath he has in the sink. He's too big for it now!

After Henry went to bed I did some coin roll hunting ... just pennies. 7,500 of them, three boxes, the fourth box was all new 2008's, produced forty-six Wheats, two hundred fifteen Canadians, and one Bahama 1¢. One of the Wheats was a new for me! It was the 1927S. It's the third rarest by mintage penny I've found. About 14 million were minted. The condition of it is fairly good. All of those Canadians only turned up two "Kings."

I also found a Type II blank planchet in the pennies. A blank planchet is a coin that was properly cut into a round at the mint, but somehow missed being struck by the die. It is a Type II because its edge is raised. This is the first one I've found. I think they are worth a couple of dollars. Mine is 1982 or newer as it weighs 2.5 grams. (That scale I got from Meg for my birthday has been coming in handy lately.) I have tough time taking scans of copper coins so here is a picture of a blank planchet like mine.

The Wheat mix was:

19XX(2), 1927S, 1934, 1939, 1940, 1941(4), 1944(9), 1945(5), 1946(5), 1949, 1950, 1950S, 1952(2), 1952D, 1953(3), 1953D, 1954D, 1955D, 1956, 1956D, 1957(2), 1957D

Found: 7 pennies (1 at Home Depot, 1 at Burger King, 1 at Stop & Shop, 3 at the car wash), 2 dimes (1 at Stop & Shop, 1 at the car wash), 2 quarters (1 at Stop & Shop, 1 at the car wash)


James (UK) said...

Hey, interesting find there.

When I used to work for a bank, I used to have to load the ATM's. Every so often, we'd get a "dummy" note, that just said something like "place holder" or "end counter" etc. Bit like your find, but not quite!

Henry's pose made me laugh. My own nephew Henry cracked me up last week with a bubble wand thing; he watched us dip the wand in the bubble liquid, then gently wave it to and fro, producing a stream of bubbles.

When he got hold of it, he wagged it back and forth so fast and with such abandon, we all had to leap out of the way!

Talking of baths in sinks, are you a fan of British comedy? Have you ever seen the first "Steptoe and Son" (aka "Soloman and Son" on your side of the pond) feature film?

There's a very funny scene in that with Harold having a bath in the kitchen sink. I've only been able to find a poor B&W image of it here, but you must try and see it.

Amazon has a load of sellers who have it here, if it helps. (Double pack, with the second film included)

kestrelia said...

Can't wait until he's playing with bubbles. He'd probably be amused by it if I tried it now.

I've never heard of that movie. The pic looks a bit scary there, James. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice find.

Also, its always great to hear about Henry's latest talents.

My son Jason is two weeks younger and its like getting a sneak peak at what he'll do next. My wife and I started a site for him at iJason.com

kestrelia said...

Having a blog/website has been great for keeping track of his devlopment. The pics across the top of yours are great.

James (UK) said...

You must see that film... it's truly hilarious, especially that scene. I don't want to spoil it for you by telling you what happens! ;-)