Friday, May 30, 2008

Where's The Silver?

I did some more coin searching today. I'm still looking for my first silver coin of the week. Let's hope tomorrow's six boxes of halves really produce. At least one, please!

I searched thirty-six small dollars and 1,700 halves. They didn't produce anything. I am pretty sure the halves were some else's rejects. I took a chance on them.

I also went through 1,440 quarters. In them I found just two Canadians and a Philippines 1 Piso.

I also searched 200 dimes. Nothing was in them.

120 nickels yielded one Canadian and a Taiwan 5 Yuan. The Taiwanese coin is a new one for me. It looks just like the 1 Yuan coins I've found, but it is made with some sort of white metal.

Lastly, 450 pennies turned up just one Wheat (1945) and four Canadians.

Found: 1 penny (at Sovereign Bank), 1 dime (at Sovereign Bank)