Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CRH'ing and Carpooling

Yesterday at lunch I met a guy to buy coins. He had a bunch from his father's collection he wanted to sell. I bought them fairly cheaply. Amongst the coins were two Mercury dimes and seventeen silver Washingtons I needed for my albums. I still like the ones I found in "the wild" more, but these will do until find them myself. I'll sell the coins I don't need sometime soon. I think I'll make a decent profit.

Last night when I got home I mowed the lawn. One of the two patches I seeded is doing very well. The other patch isn't doing nearly as well. I'll try and reseed it tonight and seed another patch I discovered. This lawn of ours is an ongoing project!

I also spent some time with Henry. Every night at 7PM or so I've been feeding him in our effort to get him used to the bottle and also to give his poor mother a break! Last night after Henry and I went into the kitchen to tell Meg how well he had done she noticed that something was wrong with the bottle. He hadn't had any milk at all as the nozzle was clogged! Ugh. Dad tricked him I guess. Now I not only have nipples that dont' work, but now I have a defective bottle too! Hopefully he doesn't remember all this tonight.

I did some coin roll hunting last night, this morning, and in the car on the way into the work. I was hoping to use my riding days as catch up time for my coins. Like reading it made me a bit sick. Oh well, I tried.

I rounded up just thirty-four small dollars. There wasn't anything of interest in them.

1,680 hand rolled quarters "produced" twenty US nickels, five Canadians, and one UK 10 pence. All of the nickels in these rolls were a bit frustrating! A couple rolls had three nickels in them! They almost completely wiped out my gain from yesterday. Let's hope the penny rolls from the same source are full of dimes. My quest for the next silver Washington goes on. I've been through 9,080 quarters without finding one. The last time I found one was May 2nd.

I also searched 1,350 hand rolled dimes. In them I found one Mercury dime (1943), two Canadians, and one UK 5 pence.

This morning in the car I hunted through 760 nickels. They produced one War Time (1942S) and two Canadians (1 Ni).