Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kharma returned

Today is my lucky day, it seems. When I got to work and checked out a favorite forum of mine I noticed I had won a contest for a free 40% silver half. I picked the next penny variety another CRH'er would find, the 1937S.

And then at the coin counting machine at the bank I found $2.55 in change. Most of it was under the machine. There was more, but I didn't have a ruler to get at it. I guess this is a kharma return for the time I fished out change for someone else.

A teller saved me two Wheats as well (1941, 1942).

Futhermore, last night Meg worked a miracle and put Henry to sleep at 8:15PM! It was nice having two hours together. Meg made us bread with our bread machine, we read, and watched some Food Network show on grilling.

Found: 11 pennies (1 at Home Depot, 10 at Sovereign Bank), 1 nickel (at Sovereign Bank), 5 dimes (1 at Costco, 4 at Sovereign Bank), 8 quarters (at Sovereign Bank)